Serengeti means according to the Maasai: Endless plains. These plains are known where millions of wildebeest, hundreds of thousands of zebra and gazelle are traversing this magnificent place.

the migration is the largest mass movement of mammals in the world.

The feeling of watching a wildlife documentary where the only difference is; you?re just in the middle of it experiencing the drama-commotion-chaos all happening when crossing the famous river: The Mara.

Following the migration

From December ? March

In December and March locals talk about the showers; meaning short but heavy rains. Due to these rains the Southern plains are covered in sweet green fresh shoots. The animals are moving towards here and in the months of February and March the female wildebeest are dropping their youngsters. Because of this spectacular start of life; it is a predator heaven.

Around Lake Ndutu  there is a high concentration of wilddogs.

From April ? mid June

The grass at the Southern plains will dry out and the migration starts moving toward the North; via the central area into the West.

The animals are congregating in the central area known as Seronera; named after the river Seronera.

With a bit of luck you will see the males fighting and battling for a mate. At the end of may the animals will move towards the West and will be found around the Grumeti River; one of the crossing points during the migration.

The Seronera is also known for its big maned lions, aardwolf and Pangolin near the Namiri plains.

It is possible but rare to find the endangered black rhino.

Mid June ? November

There will be a big gathering at the Northern plains. The animals are waiting to start the crossing of the famous Mara river.

The first crossings will start in July ending in August and September. The animals will have some time to rest at the Masai Mara side of the river.

In October they migrate back where they came from;  crossing the Mara again, going towards the Northern plains.

After a while they move via the East and head back to the South where the sweet fresh shoots start growing again.

The circle of the migration is complete and starts all over again.

The East is also known as a great big cat territory due to permanent water. In this area it is possible to spot a high population of Cheetah.

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