The crater is the world?s largest intact and inactive volcanic caldera formed 2-3 million years ago.

?Gift of life? was the name the Maasai gave to this spectacular wonder of nature.

Due to the high walls; up to 600 meters, the crater acts like a great natural zoo. Because of the different habitats like open grass plains, mountain forest, swampy marshland and different altitudes it is a great area for birding. Also Botanists will be amazed by the fauna, due to high fertile grounds.

As a photographer or a wildlife viewer this place does have high numbers of herbivores and therefore also great predators roaming around. Giraffe will not be found because of the steep downhill walls. At night time herds of zebra?s and elephants are climbing the slopes to move towards the Serengeti.

A one day visit is excellent to experience the wonders of the Ngorongoro.

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