Lake Natron

Culture, landscapes, nature and flamingos, Lake Natron is a special place.

At the base of the active volcano Ol Donyo Lengai ?the sacred Maasai Mountain of god?, you will find Lake Natron. This Soda Lake and alkaline nature is a very important breeding site for the Lesser Flamingos.

This area is breathing the Maasai culture; it is possible to visit their villages and  they can take you out on walks towards millions of flamingos, streams and waterfalls.

Sometimes the lake is coloured in deep red, pink and orange, caused by micro-organisms.

Walking safaris are very popular during the dry season, from June towards October.

During the wet season, from November ?May, walking safaris sometimes are cancelled.

The best time to visit Lake Natron regarding the flamingos will be at the end of the dry season, it will be the breeding season. Around December the eggs will hatch.

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