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Researching and organising your own holiday in a country where you are not familiar, can be a stressful task. Therefor let me do the work for you!

I find it important to fullfil your wishes and expections. With my experience as a ranger and living in the bush I want to make sure you will have a great experience during your holiday. I can arrange tailormade experiences within the destinations. To find out more about my personal life, you will find my story in the timeline below. (unfortunately not visible when using your mobile phone)

My story

Lots of love and passion for the African bush. You can read my story below.
As a child I had one dream……to become a ballerina. In the year 2000 I finished my dancing degree At the Rotterdam dance Academy; specialised in contemporary ballet. Many years I have been living my dream, a life filled with ballet. To have a back-up plan; I decided to become a primary school teacher and I accomplished my master degree: Special Educational Needs specialist. After traveling to Africa as a wildlife volunteer I decided to become a “ranger”, a wildlife Safari guide.

after achieving my degree as a safari guide I lived the life of a safari wildlife guide in Botswana and South Africa. A dream came true. However due to visa issues I ended up in Chilli. Overthere I became a walking/ mountainbike and horseriding guide in Patagonia and San Pedro the Atacama. A stunning country with loving people, but I missed the thrill of Africa. The sounds of a roaring lion,the francolins calling early in the morning,sunrises, the excitement of not knowing what’s around the corner; the smell of elephant dung, dungbeatles working like crazy, branches snapping, campfires at night time….I just missed Africa.

South Africa was calling, my patience brought me in a private game reserve next to the famous Kruger Park. I became a lodge manager and the safari guide of a small wildlife lodge next to the Olifantsriver. We lived in the bush, surrounded by the African wildlife. what an amazing continent and how blessed I am to live and show others the beauty of Africa.
Due to personal reasons I ended up in the Netherlands again. A huge struggle to adept in western society again. Then I met my life partner. He works in Zanzibar and through him I got myself into Tanzania. We are traveling in between both continents now. I feel blessed to help people get in touch with the beauty of Africa, the wildlife, the culture, the landscapes….Africa will never leave me. I hope after experiencing this place; you will understand me and feel the same.